I used to be a photography enthusiast with my Nikon D5100. Now, mostly I would just use my iphone to capture photos. Flickr .


I taught my self to play guitar and still trying to improve my skills. I try to tab different Bangla songs as I learn them and upload them online. Ultimate Guitar | YouTube

Website Development

I also like to hack PHP and html files for web development. I had created the new version of the Department of EEE website with Joomla. Bangladesh Academy of Sciences, Purdue BDSA, Nanotechnology Student Advisory Council are some of the websites that I made. My current website is based on PicoCMS.

Currently, I maintain the following web projects:

My father, Late Dr. Naiyyum Choudhury's remembrance and his works are hosted here: naiyyum.choudhury.cc

My brother-in-law, Dr. Shakil Farid's website: shakilfarid.com