LOR Request


Letter of recommendation is a necessity to advance in your career. It brings me utmost joy to see our students succeed in life, and is always a pleasure to give recommendation letter to potential applicants for job or higher studies.

Please remember that I can only address your accomplishments that I was actively involved in. Ask yourself if I would be the right person to judge your research aptitude and skills. I will try to give an honest and impartial assessment, so also ask yourself if my recommendation would help or hurt your chances of succeeding.

Criteria for Getting Recommendation

you MUST meet at least one of the following five descriptions/criteria before you try to make an appointment with me for recommendation request.

  • You performed MSc/PhD research work under my supervision

  • I served as a member in your MSc/PhD examination committee

  • Final year thesis/project completed under my supervision

  • Performed some kind of project work under my guidance

  • Worked in a project where I worked as a collaborator

  • My undergraduate advisee

If you are only an undergraduate advisee without any research/work experience with me, please note that I would only be able to verify your GPA, and mention courses that you took with me, and would not be able to strongly recommend you.

Waiver of Access

In order to receive a LOR from me, you must Waive the right to access to what I write. If you do not waive your access, I would also decline to recommend you. I believe you should only get my recommendation if you trust my judgement sufficiently. I will, however, tell you in person, if I cannot give you a positive recommendation.

Information Required

Please provide the following information in email when you are requesting the LOR. I would let you know in email, if I can recommend you, if I need to meet you for an interview, or if I am not in the best position to recommend you.


  • Date the letter of recommendation is due

  • The university/graduate school you are applying to

  • Why you need this letter—what are you applying for?

  • What research/project experience do you have with me? For each project, mention the following:

    • Specify which particular project you worked in
    • Specify any particular case where you demonstrated (you can mention multiple cases):
      • critical thinking
      • creativity
      • problem solving skills
    • Specify what particular knowledge, skills and experiences you gained by working in the projects
    • Specify all publications that resulted from this work
    • Does your performance in this project reflect your ability/skillset? (if not, please mention any particular problems/hurdles that might have affected your productivity negatively)
  • What classes have you taken under me? For each course mention:

    • Course Number
    • Course Course Name
    • Year taken
    • Grade obtained (optional)
    • Any particular skill/technique you learned in the class that might help you in your research
    • Does your performance/grade reflect your ability? (if not mention any particular problems/hurdles that might have affected your grades negatively)
  • Curriculum Vita with the following info:

    • Name
    • Passport size Photograph
    • Telephone number
    • Current postal address
    • E-mail address
    • Work Experience (current job)
    • Education (Year of Graduation from SSC, HSC, BSc etc.)
    • Research Experience
    • List of Publications
  • Copy of your transcript (optional, only if you want me to include course grades/CGPA in the LOR)