EdX Sign Up form 2020

Coursera Corona Sign Up form

(As I am getting overwhelming number of emails asking questions about EdX, I will simply send the link to this page if any future questions are asked on this topic. I am keeping all the answers to the FAQs in this page. Do feel free to share this information with anyone.)

Dear Students,

I have finished distributing codes to students of all departments. The equal number of codes were distributed to all 984 students who signed up in my Google link. BUET will redistribute any unused codes to other students in first come first serve basis from 20th June 2020. If you had gotten a code from me, please consider filling up the survey form. Also, I do want to hear from you when you finish a course. Please email me after successful completion of courses.

I no longer plan to take care of the EdX code distribution, so please redirect any questions to the Dean of Faculty of Architecture (DFA). Any additional code distribution will be done by the DFA at their discretion.

Notice from the Deans Committee regarding MOOC:

"BUET Students can avail Massive Open Online Courses ( MOOC) by providers such COURSERA and edX currently provided free access in response to COVID19. This is coordinated by the Faculty Technical Committee (FacT), Faculty of Architecture & Planning, on behalf of the Deans' Committee of BUET. As there are a limited number of access codes available, the opportunity will be given on a first-come, first-served basis."

Link to the New Signup Form

Getting BUET Institutional Email:

To get an institutional email address, you need to first apply through your BIIS account for an institutional email. Afterwards, you need to email IICT BUET (studentsupport@iict.buet.ac.bd), informing them that you need the email address urgently. CC your academic advisor in the email, and attach a photograph of your BUET student ID card. They should send you a temporary password to your email.

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